Founder of Center for Wellness/ISTE  manages a Start Up with Study aids and certified technical courses for spa sciences based on Occupational Standards.

Low level laser therapy for physical therapists

This is a popular book on techniques and applications in physical therapy with low level laser modality. 

It covers laser acupuncture,  sports rehabilitation, physical therapy and laser lymphatic reconstruction.

SHIATSU. Skills Development

A fully coloured illustrated guide to  Zen Shiatsu. This is a workbook for several levels of Shiatsu certification, and a study aid.

Sports Massage. In spa therapies framework.

Sports and Spas come together in this manual guide to  Sports massage. a perfect study aid for sports and spa professionals.

Authors Digital Enterprise

This book is available on Internet Archives  for writers adapting to the new internet based on robotics and satelites. It is ranked high for book art and other merits.

Neuromuscular massage therapy

A technical reference guide to clinical massage in complicated healthcare systems. It covers stretch techniques, advanced sports massage, embryonic therapy, special ssenses therapy and the anatomy of strokes applied in therapeutic touch.

Certified Courses on Eliademy

Books and libraries are arranged to support certified, online, self paced courses that are affordable.

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